Code of Conduct

Commack Soccer has issued guidelines for parents, players and guests, regarding behavior at all Team/Club events.  Please review them carefully. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

Commack Soccer has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in regards to the conduct displayed towards our referees. This policy has been clearly explained to every coach during the Intramural Drafts which take place at the start of the Fall season. All our referees are to be treated respectfully by all coaches and parents. They are not to be yelled at or have their calls questioned. If there appears to be an issue with a referee, a coach should send someone to find the Board Member on duty to come over and observe the remainder of the game.


No Practices on the CHS Turf

The Commack School District has informed us that we do not have permission or permits to hold practices on the High School Turf Field. Therefore, no Commack Soccer teams are allowed to practice on the High School Turf Field. If your team is caught practicing on the field both the coach and trainer will be suspended for at least one game and possibly the season. We can not risk losing our permits for our fields that are supplied to us by the school district.  We are sorry to have to enforce this but there are insurance liabilities to the league and the school district has asked to make sure we enforce our permit restrictions.

Soccer Goals

All goals must be staked down to avoid serious injury. Goals may not be moved. Any coach who moves a goal will have their coaches pass taken immediately and will be removed from coaching a Commack Soccer team. Same applies to any trainer who moves a goal - they will no longer be permitted to train a Commack Soccer team.  Goal safety is extremely important. 

Unfortunately, we frequently read news stories like these below that remind us of the importance of goal safety. 

CBS New York

NY Daily News

Global News Canada


Please remember, we do not keep scores or standings in the Intramural Divisions. These games are meant to be instructional, developmental, and fun for all of the players.  We expect our players, coaches, and parents to display sportsmanship at all times.

Please do not run up scores. In the event a team goes ahead by more than 4 goals, the opposing team may add an additional player on the field until the lead drops beneath the 4 goal differential. This is up to the discretion of the trailing coach.  But please use common sense.  Again, these games are meant to be instructional, developmental, and fun for all of the players.