Travel Team Tryouts

President's Letter

Please read this letter from our Club president for an overview of how our tryouts work. 


Tryouts are generally scheduled to take place starting in early June.  Check back here for specific dates as we get closer. Dates are usually set by April.   

Important Notes

  • Register in advance if you intend to tryout. Tryout registration is free and help us plan an effective tryout session.

  • Participation in developmental training is required for U7 players that are interested in trying out for a U8 travel team the following season.

  • All tryouts are held at Burr Intermediate School.

  • All tryout participants are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of each tryout session to confirm their registration and attendance.

  • Each tryout participant will receive a numbered tryout pinny on Day 1.

  • Players are to keep the tryout pinny after Day 1, and return the tryout pinny after Day 2.

  • Participants will not be allowed to wear any clothing issued by a training organization or current travel team, for example SUSA, ISA, LI United, Rough Riders, or CSL Team t-shirts or shorts. Players will be asked to change any such clothing before taking part in the Tryout Session.

  • All participants must have a ball, wear shin guards, cleats, and bring water.

  • Parents, relatives, or friends are to wait in the area near the Burr Concession Stand. No one is allowed near the tryout fields. Medical reasons for being near the tryout fields can be discussed with the Tryout Coordinator on site.

  • In the event of inclement weather, postponements will be announced through the CSL Website.

  • Rainout dates generally take place the Friday of the participant’s respective tryout week.

Additional Guidelines

You must attend a CSL pool tryout to be considered for placement on a CSL Travel Team.

CSL Pool tryouts are conducted by representatives from our approved training organizations.

Tryouts will be conducted over 2 days for each age group.

All tryouts are “blind” and each player will receive a unique number for the tryout.

All players will be checked in prior to the first day of the tryouts for their age group and assigned a random tryout number. Players are responsible to remember their number!!!

At the end of the 2nd day of tryouts, each player will be “checked out” to make sure all numbers are accounted for and any “duplicate numbers” that may have occurred be clarified BEFORE leaving the field.


Once the teams are formed at the conclusion of the tryout, parent administrators will be assigned. Anyone interested in becoming a parent administrator, must submit our application PRIOR TO MAY 15TH!! IF WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH PARENT ADMINISTRATORS, TEAMS WILL NOT BE FORMED UNLESS THE TRAINER ASSIGNED WISHES TO TAKE ON THAT RESPONSIBILITY AT AN ADDITIONAL EXPENSE ADDED TO THE FEES CHARGED TO THE TEAM DIVIDED EQUALLY AMONGST ALL TEAM MEMBERS.

After the results are posted by the CSL and email notifications are sent, players will have 48 hours to accept/decline the position on the team by registering and paying, through the CSL website, to complete the registration process for the fall season with that team. A link to the registration site will be provided through an email sent with the team notification results of the tryouts. If they do not register, after 48 hours, the next highest rated player will be offered a spot on the roster and THEY WILL LOSE THERE ROSTER SPOT!!! THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY!!! THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ISSUED ONCE A PLAYER REGISTERS!!! THEY HAVE COMMITTED TO THE TEAM AND HAVE ACCEPTED A ROSTER SPOT!!!

The CSL Travel coordinators assigned to each age group will be responsible for overseeing the above procedure and contacting any players who have not accepted, declined, or registered. Once contacted by a coordinator, a player will have 24 hours to register. ANY PLAYER NOT REGISTERED FOR THE TEAM THEY MADE AT THIS POINT IN TIME, WILL LOSE THEIR ROSTER SPOT. Again, once a player registers and accepts a roster spot on a team, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN!!! CSL coordinators will submit the finalized team rosters, the team name, and distribute all the registration information for all the players in their age group.

All teams names MUST NOT DUPLICATE an existing CSL Travel teams name.

FINALIZED team names, rosters, and coaches information will be submitted to the CSL Registrar WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE POOL TRYOUTS FOR THE AGE GROUP.