Code of Conduct

The Commack Soccer Club has issued the following guidelines regarding behavior at all Team/Club events:


Players are expected to attend all training sessions, games, scrimmages and tournaments as scheduled. Families must notify coaches and/or managers ahead of time when players cannot attend an above-listed event.

Players must wear the Club approved uniform to all games.

Players are expected to show proper respect towards coaches, trainers, managers and officials of the Team/Club at all times.

Players must display sportsmanship and courtesy to opposing players and parents, as well as to referees and their assistants.

Any player using foul or derogatory language to their teammates or opponents may have playing time reduced.

All players are required to place bags, water bottles, etc. at designated areas prior to the start of training or games and clean up the area at the end of each game and practice session. This is a player, not a parent responsibility!!

Players are required to be with the team exclusively from the start of warm-up to the end of cool-down. No interaction with parents until training or games have finished.


Are expected to set a good example for their children by being positive towards them, opponents, as well as officials at all training sessions and games.

Are not to engage in ANY coaching from the sidelines, berate or call instructions to players during contests or practices.

Are to refrain from addressing referees and their assistants, before, during or after games.

Are expected to leave the coaching of the team to the coaches.

Are expected to refrain from bothering the coaches during or after games. That includes questions about playing time, positions and any other coaching or club decisions. Any parent wishing to speak to the coach/training supervisor should contact the coach/trainer the day AFTER a game, NOT at the conclusion of a match to set a specific time to discuss any concerns.

Are to support the coaches, trainers, and club officials at all times. Actions such as derogatory sideline discussions, criticizing the trainers, coaches, or other team players, unauthorized parent meetings, sending blast emails, speaking negatively about the club, coaches, trainers or other officials are considered in violation of this agreement. If any emails are sent to other team parents regarding the team, its activities or decisions, they must be copied to the coach and team administrator directly.

Are expected to get their child/children to training and games on time. Repeated tardiness and absences WILL result in reduced playing time!!

Please print a copy of the consent form and hand in to your parent administrator.