Coach/Admin Application

Intramural coaches and assistant coaches as well as travel team parent administrators are chosen by the division coordinators. If you are interested in coaching or serving as a parent administrator, please contact the appropriate coordinator as soon as possible and please submit our coaches application

Player Ratings

At the end of each season, intramural coaches are asked to rate each of their players.  Ratings are not made public but are used to help coordinators draft players to teams the following season.  This enables us to try have parity across the intramural league and insure games are as competitive as possible. 

Coaches are required to submit their rating sheet before end of season trophies will be released.

Team Finance Documents

Travel teams should all have an appointed team treasurer that handles collecting money from players, managing the team bank account, distributing funds throughout the season and keeping accurate financial records. 

The following documents will be helpful to the treasurer. 

Team Finance Template

Team Bank Statement

Player Account Summary