Player Ratings

Intramural coaches use the form below to submit ratings for each player at the end of the season. Ratings help us properly weight the draft for the following season. This insures new teams are as balanced as possible.

We highly encourage you to calculate the rankings offline as per the following directions then return to this form to fill in the final results.

You will rate each player on a scale of 1-4 on the following 10 attributes. When rating, please compare the player’s ability to all players of their division and not just within your team.

1=Below Average, 2=Average, 3=Good, 4=Very Good

  • Ability to dribble and shoot with Right foot

  • Ability to dribble and shoot with Left foot

  • Overall ability to drive/dribble to open space

  • Overall ability to pass

  • Ability to receive or trap the ball

  • Overall ability to defend

  • Maintains field position

  • Overall ability to play Goalie (0 if U7/U8)

  • Player’s overall athletic ability

  • Player’s reliability attending practices/games

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Coach Phone Number
Player Ratings
Minimum Score = 10 : Maximum Score = 40